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Toddington Scout Group

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Who are we?

Toddington Scout Group is situated in the small village of Toddington in Bedfordshire.

In Toddington we believe Scouting is more relevant today than ever before.We teach our young people the "OUT" in Scout safely and give them the life skills to take them forward into adulthood.

We are proud of the achievements of our young people and Toddington Scout Group has an excellent track record. Many of our Explorers have achieved their Duke of Edinburgh Awards and some have also been presented with their Queen’s Scout Awards. We truly believe in the value and worth of Scouting and would like to continue to provide this valuable resource for the future.


What's On

March Parish Council Article
01/04/2018 By Daniel Tillin

The year is moving on moving on at a rate of knots and the sections are enjoying their activities, particularly Pancake Day with at least one of the Beavers loving the strawberry sauce.

Our Beavers have also had a visit from a hearing impaired dog and learnt about how they are trained to respond to alarms so they can alert their owners. The boys had to be very sensitive to the dog and sit quietly at the start of the session which they just about managed! There was also a Burns night special that the section enjoyed.

There have also been lots of games for the Beavers, with favourites being Bomb, Snowball fight and Volleyball (a special indoor type!).

Beavers on a Monday night are looking for volunteers to help out their leaders. All are welcome to lend a hand even if you don’t have a Beaver in the section.

Cooking has been a key theme this month with Cubs making pancakes and stir fry and Scouts have been consolidating and finishing badges, making candles and Roller Racing. Four Scouts are getting close to their Gold award.


Explorers have had Jujitsu, Bowling, and Curling sessions


We held another very successful quiz on 10th February at the Scout Hut. We had an excellent turn out and another fantastic set of questions to keep the grey matter working. Well done to team “Superior Household Management” who came out victorious, just pipping “Drink While You Think”. All great fun and £309 was raised to help out the group.

If your child is interested in joining or you are interested in finding out more about volunteering as a helper/ Leader, please see contact details at the back of this magazine or on our website. We’d love to hear from you! http://www.toddington.scoutsonline.co.uk/

We are also looking for help with fundraising in any capacity, be it ideas or some time to help the leaders and committee, and if you are looking to jump in and roll your sleeves up there is an opening to be the fund raising committee member.  Contact Karen Calder on 01525 873065 for more information on how to get involved in any capacity you can.


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Strictly Come Dancing Tour
11/10/2017 By Daniel Tillin

Strictly Come Dancing Tour

Toddington Scout Group is delighted to be able to offer you the chance to see the Strictly Come Dancing Tour in Birmingham January.

Tickets are £60 which includes transport.

It's a great night out and not to be missed!

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Safety advice on Scout uniform
27/05/2017 By Daniel Tillin

The Scout Information Centre has received queries from the Movement seeking guidance on wearing Scout uniform whilst travelling to/from section meetings and during activities that take place in public, given the heightened threat level. Having engaged with the statutory authorities’ counter terrorism security functions it has been ascertained that presently there is no specific intelligence placing young people wearing a Scout or similar uniform at heightened risk. Adults should continue to risk assess section meetings, and make any necessary proportionate changes to arrangements for the wearing of uniform to/from section meetings and/or whilst undertaking activities.



As ever in these times, young people and adults should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities (through the anti-terrorism hotline on 0800 789 321)


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St Georges Day Parade
24/04/2017 By Daniel Tillin

Our St Georges Day parade was well attended and we raised some good funds for the group. Thanks to all of those who took part and helped out. More on our Facebook page

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Four Week Challenge
11/04/2017 By Daniel Tillin

You might have seen the news recently about a shortage of Scout leaders resulting in waiting lists for children to join.

Our group has 20 children waiting to join, so we need volunteers to help and we're issuing our Four Week Challenge to get parents involved!

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